Original Piano Music


Scores and Recordings available for purchase through https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/search?Ntt=Kim+S.+Bean 

or see specific links listed under the titles below.

The View From Home 

Piano solo suite

The View From Home


Garden Varieties

        Red Fairy Roses


        Lilacs in Bloom




Fiddle Tunes For Keys

A narrated story set to solo piano pieces.

The Seven Days of Creation

Solo piano pieces with some narration.

Day Five: Wind and Water Ballet


Ode to Joy Fantasy

You will find familiar melodies woven into this fun solo piano piece.


The Last Enemy

An Easter celebration piece for narration and solo piano with choral piece in the last section.

In the New Jerusalem

Soaring Sonatinas & Fantastical Fantasias

Solo piano pieces written for my students to play

Madison's Suite

Written for my Granddaughter

Waiting and Wondering

A Little Girl


Emmet's Alphabet Song

Written for my Grandson

Orson's Counting Song

Written for my Grandson

Maeve's Parade of

Colorful Creatures

Written for my Granddaughter

The Kingdom of Light

A Musical Fairy Tale Suite

for students to perform. Scripts and instructions along with the score and recording available.

Glorious Celebration


Script for The Kingdom of Light