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I studied with Janet Reeves, a professor at the University of Southern Maine,and head of jazz piano studies there at the time. Now, though she resides and teaches in New York state, she remains the principal pianist for the Portland (Maine) Symphony Orchestra. At first, I cleaned her house in exchange for my lessons.  Soon, I was applying and auditioning to be a student in the music department.  At last, so many gaps in my musical education 
were filling in! 

I graduated in 1997 Summa Cum Laude from the University of Southern Maine, with a BA in Music, I have been teaching lessons for 25 years in the Lakes Region.

The degree program at USM includes:

-4 semesters of ear training and sight singing.

-5 semesters of music history.

-8 semesters of piano lessons.                                          

-2 semesters of form and analysis.

-composition and conducting

-4 semesters of theory.

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