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Studio Policies






COVID-19 Policies:

In Person Lessons:

1. If the student or anyone in the student’s household has been

    ill, even with mild cold symptoms, please do not attend lessons

    in person. (We can do a Zoom lesson.)


2. Masks are currently optional for in person lessons.  I often wear one as I have contact with various people who have fragile health. 


3. Hand sanitizer will be provided by me and used prior to

     each lesson.


Remote Lessons:   Remote lessons will continue to be offered for those

who prefer them for whatever reason, be it convenience or for safety.

Students choosing to continue with remote lessons must have an adequate

internet connection.  Please have all music materials and a pencil ready

at the start of each lesson.  Parents, you may need to help your children

with preparation to save time during these remote lessons.


Remote lessons due to storms, illness, car trouble, etc. As long as I

am notified by text (207-615-3104) at least an hour prior, students

may choose to have their lesson remotely that day. 

I will send out a Zoom link during my break.


In-person Recitals vs. Online Facebook Video Recitals: I am

hopeful that future recitals will be able to be in person.  Masks may be

required depending on current Covid 19 transmission. If numbers are

too high, we will alter plans for an Online Facebook Video Recital.


















Tuition for the September through June session is divided into 10 equal monthly payments.  

Some months contain 3 lessons, some 4 and some 5. 

Regardless of how many lessons in a month, the monthly tuition will not change. *


I do NOT credit for lessons canceled except should I myself deviate from my studio calendar.

You can view this calendar in each student’s folder or on my website or click on this link: 

Occasional makeup lessons are scheduled at your request and at my convenience only.  If a student cannot attend the first lesson of the month for any reason, payment should be mailed by that lesson date to:              

Kim Bean

75 Weston Farm Rd.

Harrison, ME 04040



If a student who is planning on returning to the studio the following year cannot finish the current session (with exception of extenuating circumstances at my discretion), the tuition for any months missed, is still expected to be paid through to the end of June.










































Illness, storm, and injury policy:  

I do NOT credit for lessons missed for any reason, unless I myself cancel and deviate from the already established calendar.

Please do not come to lessons ill or if there is illness in your household. Rather, let me know  in advance and we can arrange a Zoom lesson.

I do not cancel lessons when school is canceled due to stormy weather.  My students come from many different school districts and so cancellations vary. If you do not drive in stormy weather, be sure to call me if you are not coming to lessons and perhaps a Zoom lesson can be arranged.


If I cannot keep my driveway sufficiently clear, I will call you to schedule a Zoom lesson or if you are unable to do this, will credit you for the lesson. 

If you know up ahead that you or your child is going to have a surgical procedure and will be absent for a time, I am reasonable and am willing to discuss this.  If a student is always good at paying tuition, has good attendance and is dedicated to practicing, I am more than willing to work with a family in a difficult situation.


If your child injures an arm or leg, when they are able, please continue to bring them to lessons.  We can work on other aspects of learning music even if they are unable to play.





































I work with students on an individual basis, structuring the lesson to his/her needs.  For example, some students need more help with reading music while others need more help developing musicality.  I incorporate technique, theory, ear training, history, analysis and musicality into every lesson.  The progress in each area depends largely on a student's talent, focus, interest and dedication to practicing outside of the lesson.  


Included with lessons at no extra charge are the scheduled events and use of the Music Computer Laboratory.  I provide assignment sheets and folders for each student. 


Recitals are free for students to participate in.  They may also invite as many guests as they would like to.

Books and sheet music are an extra cost. I often send a link where students can purchase their music needed for lessons.  Also, if asked, I can purchase the music, though I make no money on these materials and only charge what they cost me to obtain.






















































Summer session:

I hold a summer session that requires a separate registration.  My summer session covers the months of July and August and though paid monthly, I am willing to work around family vacations.  As long as I am given reasonable notification, I usually only charge for lessons actually taken as I understand how important family time is in the summer when children are out of school.

































Some thoughts on practicing and other matters:

I have a goal of not only helping my students to develop regular practice habits, but to also teach them how to go about practicing.  That is a skill in and of itself.  I usually write specific ways to practice on their assignment sheet and work on the prescribed suggestions in their lessons as if they were home practicing.


Though I do believe experimentation at the piano is important and necessary, this should not count as time devoted to practice unless I include that as part of a given assignment. A practice session consists of carefully completing the assignment given. 15 to 30 minutes is usually adequate for beginners; 45 minutes to an hour for intermediate students; and 1 hour to 2 hours for those who are advanced players.


If a student has an occasional bad week lacking in adequate practice, this is understandable.   Coming to lessons when this occurs is good as it will often get students back

on track.  It is common to find the piano fun at first and to later struggle with practicing.  Becoming skilled at anything has its ups and downs and can be very hard work.  Parents can encourage their children at this time by showing an interest and listening to them play their pieces.  Also, talk with them about how anything worthwhile takes time and patience to become skillful.


This brings me to the subject of time, which is what learning to play the piano takes mostly.  Students who are involved in too many activities will not do well with piano lessons.  They will constantly experience a feeling of frustration from lack of practice and coming

to lessons unprepared.  This feeling does not help to develop a love for music study. Choosing only one or two activities at a time that really have personal value will, in the end, bring more satisfaction to the student. 


Once lessons are undertaken, parents can help their children by planning scheduled practice times daily.  Most children are not mature enough to manage this on their own and need parental guidance.

Snow Days










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