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30 minute lesson:   $1,000.00/season in 10 payments of  $100.00 per month. 
45 minute lesson:   $1,400.00/season in 10 payments of $140.00 per month. 
60 minute lesson:  $1,800.00/season in 10 payments of $180.00 per month. 

Included with lessons are 2 recitals with no added expenses other than the purchase of music. The Music Computer Lab is available for each student to use weekly for 30 minutes at no extra charge.  Using the lab or not using the lab will not alter the tuition. Cost of books and other materials that I order for students, will be added to the cost of the monthly tuition payment.


Tuition payments:

Tuition for the September through June session is divided into 10 equal monthly payments.   Some months contain 3 lessons, some 4 and some 5.  Regardless of how many lessons in a month, the monthly tuition will not change. *


I do NOT credit for lessons canceled except should I myself deviate from my studio calendar. You can view this calendar in each student’s folder or on my website or click on this link: 

Occasional makeup lessons are scheduled at your request and at my convenience only.  If a student cannot attend the first lesson of the month for any reason, payment should be mailed by that lesson date to:              

Kim Bean

75 Weston Farm Rd.

Harrison, ME 04040

If a student who is planning on returning to the studio the following year cannot finish the current session (with exception of extenuating circumstances at my discretion), the tuition for any months missed, is still expected to be paid through to the end of June.








 Studio Information 

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